Tabriz Tourist Attractions – Things to Do in Tabriz

The City of History, Nature and Carpets at a Glance
Tabriz p - Tabriz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Tabriz
4 Oct

Tabriz Tourist Attractions – Things to Do in Tabriz

Once a major Silk Road hotspot, Tabriz is now the green, clean, and cold jewel of Iran. Exquisite carpets, historical highlights, and natural treasures also make this city a hotspot in the world of tourism. Like to check out this northwestern jewel of Iran? Then a list of the top Tabriz tourist attractions will come in handy. If you are staying in (and around) Tabriz for 2-3 days, start from the top of the list and check out the Must-see Attractions of Tabriz. If you’ve got 4 to 5 days to stay, after the must-see section, move down the Tabriz Attractions Worth Visiting list. And if Tabriz is hosting you for more than 5 days, the Have More Time section can help you deepen your trip.

Must-See Tabriz Attractions – Things to Do in Tabriz

Tabriz Attractions – The Blue Mosque of Tabriz

The first sight you should absolutely not miss among Tabriz attractions is one of the world’s four blue mosques. The Blue Mosque of Tabriz is a masterpiece of Iranian-Islamic architecture. This Tabriz attraction, which owes its fame to its stunning tilework, has a history of 600 years old. Above all, its azure color reflects the sky, which fills any visitor with spiritual joy. The mosque is an extraordinary attraction which will astonish you with its amazing mosaic tilework.

Tabriz Blue Mosque  - Tabriz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Tabriz

The entrance of Blue Mosque, Tabriz attractions – Iran

Tabriz Tourist Attractions – The Grand Bazaar of Tabriz

Ready to know about one of the best Tabriz attractions? Let’s explore the Grand Bazaar of Tabriz, one of the oldest bazaars (marketplace) in the middle-east. The world city of carpets, Tabriz, houses this historical enclosed marketplace. This 13th-century UNESCO heritage site is a masterpiece of Persian architecture. Particularly, Tabriz Bazaar consists of a series of covered, interconnected brick structures. Since the bazar exhibited several mosques, schools, and baths, it was one of the most significant and comprehensive marketplaces. Surprisingly, this bazar is still active!

Tabriz bazaar - Tabriz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Tabriz

Tabriz Tourist Attractions – a traditional bazaar in Tabriz with local people, Iran

Tabriz Attractions – Kandovan Village  

Lose yourself in a one-of-a-kind village near Tabriz. The over eight-hundred-year-old rocky Kandovan Village is one of the three rocky villages in the world. Believe it or not, the architecture of the village and the flow of life in it make this Tabriz attraction unique in the world. The two other rocky villages in America and Turkey are abandoned. On the contrary, one hundred conical and pyramidal houses of the rocky Kandovan village are still inhabited. Don’t miss it!

Kandouvan - Tabriz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Tabriz

Kandovan Village, Tabriz attractions – Iran

Things to Do in Tabriz – The Azerbaijan Museum

Near the charming blue Mosque, you’ll find one of the top Tabriz attractions: the Azerbaijan Museum. As one of Iran’s top archaeological museums, this Tabriz attraction is home to artefacts of historic and artistic value dating back to both pre-Islamic and Islamic Periods. A treasury of precious ancient coins, a library with over 3 thousand valuable books, and a collection of artistic statues are only a part of the treasures you can check out in this museum.

El Goli Park – Tabriz Attractions

The next one in line is Tabriz’s refreshing EL Goli Park. But El Goli is not only a park, it is a temperate peninsula that offers recreational services. This Tabriz attraction dates back to the fifteenth century. In the past, people called the park Shah Goli, meaning the king’s lake or pond. Following the Islamic Revolution, its name changed to El Goli, which means people’s pond or lake.

Eli goli park - Tabriz Tourist Attractions - Things to Do in Tabriz

El Goli Park, Tabriz Tourist attractions – Iran

Tabriz Tourist Attractions – Arg of Tabriz

The 700-year-old Arg of Tabriz is an iconic symbol of the city. As one of Iran’s tallest and oldest walls, this Tabriz attraction used to be part of a military fortress. Old travelers describe this monument as the highest part of the city that was even seen from afar.

Things to Do in Tabriz – Behnam House

There are around 300 precious traditional houses in Tabriz, but Behnam House is the most beautiful of them. This 19th century house doesn’t miss to fascinate you at first sight. The incredible architecture and intricate decorations of this Tabriz attraction make it a piece of art. The pleasant dance of light in the house adds to the beauty of its Persian decorations.

More about Tabriz Tourism – Tabriz Attractions Worth Visiting

Tabriz Attractions – Saint Stepanos Monastery

Saint Stepanos Monastery is a piece of Armenian beauty that lies to the northwest of Jolfa, a historic town near Tabriz. This UNESCO world heritage (part of the Armenian Monastic Ensembles of Iran) was originally built in the 9th century and renovated around 17th century. In the heart of a green valley in the middle of mountains, this stunning architectural masterpiece shines like a precious jewel.

Tabriz Tourist Attractions – Babak Castle

In the middle of breathtaking mountains and forests, Babak Castle lies as an impressive relic of the Persian resistance against the Arab conquest of Persia. This impressive stone fortress is over 1200 years old. The 2-hour climb to the castle will bless you with great views. But don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and take enough water. You will definitely fall in love with this legendary and mysterious place.

Tabriz Attractions – Arasbaran

Arasbaran, a region of incredible nature and precious historical treasures, is a popular tourist destination in northwest Iran. This Tabriz attraction is a UNESCO-listed biosphere with beautiful forests that have created an indescribable world with their precious plant and animal life. In the mountainous landscapes of Arasbaran, you’ve also got the chance to mingle with the nomads and explore their unique lifestyle.

The Historical Domes of Maragheh – Tabriz Attractions

The five tomb towers of Maragheh (130 km to Tabriz) have won the town its fame as the city of historical towers and domes.  Gonbad-e Sorkh (the Red Dome), Gonbad-e Kabud (the Blue Dome), Gonbad-e Modavvar (the Round Dome), Gobad-e Ghaffariyeh, and Aghalar are all relics of hundreds of years of art and culture in this part of Iran. These admirable architectural pieces have also inspired other structures around Iran and the neighbouring countries. In all their elegant simplicity, they don’t miss to charm you with their tasteful mixture of wood, stone, and brick.

Have More Time? More Tabriz Attractions

Things to Do in Tabriz – Tabriz Municipality Palace

The Municipality Palace of Tabriz is one of the city’s beautiful pieces of art. With a 31-meter clock tower that chimes every 15 minutes, this 20th century structure is the Big Ben of Tabriz. The German engineers who designed it made it resemble German buildings before World War II. With beautifully cut stones, the façade looks like a flying eagle. Today, this Tabriz attraction is a museum where you’ll find precious historical artifacts and documents. Among them is Iran’s largest carpet.

Tabriz Attractions – Jameh Mosque of Tabriz

Surrounded by the impressive Bazaar of Tabriz, you’ll find one of the oldest historical treasures of the city: Jameh Mosque of Tabriz. The architects who designed this Tabriz attraction centuries ago were inspired by the architecture of the Fire Temple of Firuzabad. The mosque features a brick-vaulted interior and twin minarets.

Things to Do in Tabriz – Qajar Museum

Qajar Museum is a historical mansion from Qajar era (1796-1925). The traditional architecture of this Tabriz attraction, its gorgeous gardens, and the treasures kept in it make it a real spectacle. In its 13 halls, you can see precious coins, textiles, weapons, musical instruments, documents and artefacts that mirror the art and culture of 19th century Iran.

Quran and Scripture Museum – Things to Do in Tabriz Tourism

A precious collection of Qurans and works of art decorated with scriptures makes Quran and Scripture Museum of Tabriz a great destination for art and culture lovers. The calligraphic masterpieces of well-known Iranian artists are of the highlights of this Tabriz attraction. Do not miss the historical manuscript that’s believed to be written by the 8th Shia Imam. Of the other highlights are the smallest Quran and the scripture-covered royal underwear.

Tabriz Attractions – The Constitution House

In the middle of a green garden in Tabriz, you’ll find a beautiful mansion that had a key role in the early 20th century Iranian history. By a walk through this Tabriz attraction, you’ll be stepping on the footsteps of the leaders of the Iranian constitutional revolution. After passing the tall trees and the beautiful pool, the tasteful façade of the house and the statues of the revolution’s bravest leaders catch your eyes. The glittering room that opens to the courtyard is the culmination of this Tabriz attraction’s elegant architecture and intricate decorations. Don’t miss the historical relics inside.

Tabriz Tourist Attractions – Zahhak Castle

On top of a high hill on the mountainous region of Hashtrood (124 km to the southeast of Tabriz), Zahhak Castle is standing. This relic of the glorious Parthian empire (247 BC-224 AD) had military and religious purposes. What makes the castle special is that it takes its name from the evil character of Ferdowsi’s book of epic poems, Shahnameh. Based on this mythological story, Zahhak, the Serpent King, used to live in the castle. Accessing the castle requires a 1 and a half hour hike up the stairs. Then the castle will bless you with the fascinating landscapes around.

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