Tips to Avoid Iran Visa Rejection

Know all the Red Flags Before Applying
Tips to Avoid Iran Visa Rejection p1 - Tips to Avoid Iran Visa Rejection
20 Sep

Tips to Avoid Iran Visa Rejection

Like to apply for an Iran tourist visa (e-visa) or have already applied and got your Iran visa rejected? This blog is just for you! Getting an Iran visa rejection is a possibility you can avoid! And even if you are already rejected, your chances for applying again are not totally blown. To stay clear of being denied, knowing some of the common reasons for an Iran visa rejection might help:

Iran Visa Rejection, Mentioning That You Work for the Press, the US Government, Etc.

Mentioning that you are a journalist, a press photographer, a government worker, a police officer, or even a national athlete may make things harder for your Iran e-visa. To avoid entry of spies into the country, the Iranian government has set strict rules for these kinds of jobs. Presenting yourself with one of these job titles may extend the process of visa confirmation or put you at risk of being rejected. To confirm you, they will ask for your complete resume, your social media pages, your photo for verification, your hotel reservations, and your flight information. Do not offer your .gov accounts if you have any. If you like to skip the hassle and bring your chances of rejection lower, you can leave everything to a licensed travel agency like us.

Iran Visa Rejection, Being an Israeli Citizen or Having Recently Travelled to Israel

Based on Iran law, if you are an Israeli citizen, you can never get an Iran visa! Not an Israeli citizen but have travelled to Israel in the past 6 months? Then again, you are not allowed to enter Iran.

Got Iran Visa Rejected, Unspecified Host

You should mention the name of the hotel you have actually reserved or give the exact contact information of your host. Sometimes, they might ask you for your invitation letter, hotel voucher or return ticket. If you like to skip the hassle and bring your chances of rejection lower, you can leave everything to a travel agency like us.

Iran Visa Rejected, Unspecified or Unacceptable Reasons for Traveling

You should mention your reason for traveling to Iran and correctly specify the type of visa you need. Keep in mind to avoid reasons that might be politically or culturally unacceptable, or you might get your Iran visa rejected.

Iran Visa Rejection, Risky itinerary

Providing an Itinerary that Doesn’t Match Your Visa Duration might be risky. If you want a 30-day visa, write an itinerary for 30 days. Plus, don’t mention strategic places in your itinerary, places like Natanz, Bushehr, and borders.

What if you have already got an Iran visa rejection?

If you have received an Iran visa rejection, you can simply reapply through an Iranian host or a licensed travel agency like us after 24 hours.

Iran Visa Requirements

  • Passport Color Scan
  • Individual Passport Color Photo
  • Visa Fee (which depending on your nationality can range from 30 to 150 Euros)

Iran Visa Processing Time

It takes about 7 working days to get Iran Visa Code from a travel agency, and if you apply it on your own, it could take up to 14 working days. Additionally, if you are from the US, UK, or Canada it takes about 1 to 3 months to get your Iran visa code. After you received your Iran visa code, you can apply for the visa at an embassy, or you can get your Iran visa on arrival.

Why Apply for an Iran Visa Through IranOnTour?

  • Stress-free travel to Iran
  • Lower chance of getting Iran visa rejected
  • Receiving your verification code faster
  • Getting express services if you are in a hurry

Applying for Iran Visa? Contact Us

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