TOP 5 Reasons to Travel to Iran

Just Some of the Reasons Why You Should Visit This Ancient Country
Top 5 Reasons to Travel to Iran
29 Jan

TOP 5 Reasons to Travel to Iran

  • Why should I go to Iran?
  • Why tourists should visit Iran?
  • What is it like to visit Iran?

These are some of the questions asked by people online. The reason is that if not less known, Iran is mainly misrepresented in the world. Under all the media uproar lies a country of historical, artistic, cultural and natural value. So, I’m writing this blog to clear the picture for you and paint you a picture of what it is like to visit Iran.

The Ancient History

One of the top reasons to travel to Iran is that Iran is one of the most ancient places on earth. Artefacts as old as 12 thousand years and remains of civilization as old as 7 thousand years have made a charming museum of Iran. Wherever you go around the country, you’ll find a piece of its long history. Whether they’re Achaemenid, Assyrian, Median, Islamic or Zoroastrian, the treasures of this ancient land are all priceless mirrors of human civilization and mastery of art, architecture, and spirituality.

The Rich Culture

Such a long history has become strong roots to the branches of the tree of life that is the Persian culture. What has remained from this deep-rooted culture is wisdom, ingenuity, respect for nature, and fascination with spirituality. Architectural masterpieces, musical charms, literary achievements, lovely festivals, diverse traditions and artistic manifestations traced on buildings, pages and crafts are all of the top reasons to visit Iran.

The Hospitable People

For many of those who have visited Iran, the people of the country have been the most surprisingly lovely aspect of the country. They didn’t really expect to find such kindness, hospitality and attention. The thing is that hospitality is so much revered and ingrained in the Iranian culture that Iranians are willing to go out of their way to make their guests feel welcomed. You couldn’t possibly say a nicer thing to an Iranian than complimenting their country or the kindness of the people. This will make their day!

The Unique Cuisine

The cultural and ethnic diversity of Iran, its natural diversity, and its historical contact with other nations around the world has blessed the country with a wide collection of dishes. From the north to the south, each region you stop by will treat you to its own unique ingredients, spices, and culinary style. Some Iranian treats remind you of Indian food and some of Middle Eastern food, but some are so uniquely Persian that you only can taste in an Iranian kitchen.

The Diverse Nature

One of the amazing things about Iran is that it enjoys an incredible diversity in its climate and so in its nature. This diversity sets attractive sunny islands, cold snowy mountains, hot sandy deserts, lovely dense jungles, and many other manifestations of nature side by side. This fascinating diversity sets the stage for a variety of adventure activities, from ski touring and mountaineering to desert hikes and jungle explorations.


Zahra Soltani
Content Manager, International Relations Manager

To Zahra, introducing the beauties of Iran is a delight and an inherent mission! Beyond that, arts, culture, literature, mythology, and all the astonishing secrets of our marvelous universe set her soul on fire! This is what makes Zahra a filmophile, an insatiable reader, and a passionate writer.

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