TOP 9 Iran Castles – List of The Best Iranian Castles

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Top castle p - TOP 9 Iran Castles - List of The Best Iranian Castles
15 Feb

TOP 9 Iran Castles – List of The Best Iranian Castles

Not sure which ones of Iran’s historical castles to put on your visit list? Well, I’m here to help you with that! As a country that has gone through the ups and downs of history and withstood countless invasions, Iran is dotted with these historical treasures. But which ones will paint you a vivid picture of the grand history and architectural ingenuity of the ancient land? This list of the Top 9 Iran Castles will lead you to them! So stay with me…

Arg-e Bam – an Iranian Castle in Kerman

Arg-e Bam is one of the top 9 Iran Castles. Walk through the world of antiquity in Kerman’s cherished Arg-e Bam. As the world’s largest adobe construction and a UNESCO World Heritage before the 2003 earthquake, Arg-e Bam is a citadel from the depth of history. Now several thousand years old, this 18-hectare fortified medieval town used to be an important stop along the ancient Silk Road. Just like how the castle used to impress ancient visitors like Marco Polo, it still impresses modern visitors with its grand towers, amazing architecture, and intelligent engineering.

Bam castle - TOP 9 Iran Castles - List of The Best Iranian Castles

Persian Castles – Arg-e Bam

Narin Castle – an Iranian Castle Yazd

Narin Castle, as one the best Iranian castles, is a great tourist attraction in Yazd province. On top of a hill in the center of the small town of Meybod, the legendary Narin Castle rises impressively with its antique look. As a piece of history that has been standing there for almost 5000 years, this top Iran castle is the most important monument in Meybod. It is also the oldest historical sight in Yazd province, and one of the oldest citadels in Iran. It is also one of the largest mud-brick buildings of ancient times. Local legend has it that jennies built the castle for king Solomon! The top of the castle blesses you with a nice view of the town.

Narin castle - TOP 9 Iran Castles - List of The Best Iranian Castles

Persian Castles – Narin Castle in Meybod, Yazd

Rayen Citadel – Castle in Iran – Kerman

Rayen Citadel is one the top 9 Iran castles. On top of a hill 106 km to the south of Kerman, sits an undefeatable fortress: Rayen Citadel. Rayen is one of the world’s largest adobe structures and one of Iran’s top castles. Since the time it was built (over a thousand years ago), Rayen has never bowed to any enemy. Plus, inside, is a castle within a castle. Once, in the narrow passages and courtyards of this famous spot on the ancient Silk Road, merchants used to trade fabrics, swords, and war weapons. Now, the governor’s quarters are widely restored, but the commoner’s area is in ruins. Visit in spring and fall when the weather is the most pleasant.

Rayen castle  - TOP 9 Iran Castles - List of The Best Iranian Castles

Rayen Citadel-Rayen-Kerman attraction- Iran Castles

Falak-Ol-Aflak Castle in Iran – Khorramabad

Overlooking the city of Khorramabad over a hilltop, Falak-ol-Aflak Castle (which is one of the ancient Persian castles in Iran) stands as the iconic symbol of the city and its most cherished historical attraction. Reminding you of a Medieval fortress, the impressive 1800-year-old structure is a souvenir of the glory of ancient Iran. Beside featuring archaeological secrets that capture your imagination, the castle is also a great place to discover the local culture and customs. Dress up as a Bakhtiari and enjoy a nice view of the city from the same place ancient soldiers used to guard it.

Falak ol aflak castle - TOP 9 Iran Castles - List of The Best Iranian Castles

Falak-Ol-Aflak Castle-Khoram abad- Ancient Persian Castles

Alamut Iranian Castle – Qazvin

Incredible, mysterious, scenic, and terrifying! Just like King Arthur stories, the story of the legendary assassins of the Medieval world and their fabled Alamut Castle comes to life in the beautiful Alamut Valley near Qazvin.  It was from this renowned Persian castle that the idolized leader of the group sent dedicated men to far-away lands. It was the name of this place that brought chill to the bones of 11th century political and religious figures. And it was about this place that people made folklore; writers wrote books; and designers made games! Today, a visit to the ruins of Alamut Castle will not only give you a pleasant sense of history, but it will also fill you with admiration for the beauties of the surrounding valley.

Alamut Castle Remains - TOP 9 Iran Castles - List of The Best Iranian Castles

Top view of Alamut Castle – Qazvin – Iranian Castle

Sar Yazd Iranian Castle – Yazd

Sar Yazd Castle (one of the best Persian castles in Iran) is a gorgeous 1400-year-old beauty in the small town of Mehriz. Taking a walk through the compact architecture, narrow alleys, and 3-story houses of this top Iran castle will give you a nice sense of history. But these adorable pieces of beauty are not the only charms within the adobe fence of this historical gem. Sar Yazd castle is also ‘the world’s first safe deposit box’. The 2 main concentric walls, the high towers, and the moat made sure no invader makes inside it. So, the ancient villagers used to protect their food, jewellery, and other valuables in this secured castle. If you find your way to the rooftop, the golden rays of sunset will bless you with the best view of the mud-brick domes and arches and the surrounding desert.

Saryazd castle - TOP 9 Iran Castles - List of The Best Iranian Castles

Sar Yazd Castle – Mehriz-Yazd – Persian Castles

Rudkhan Castle – A Castle in Iran

In the heart of one of Iran’s beautiful northern forests is hidden Fuman’s (a town near Rasht) Rudkhan Castle: an incredible blend of history, nature, and culture. This military fortress and Iranian castle is a memento of the Iranian’s resistance against the Arab invasion. After hiking up around 1000 stairs, and probably catching your breath at one of the teahouses on the hillside, the historical castle will bless you with a breath-taking view on its rooftop. The castle looks phenomenal in winter and fall. yet the dangerous road and slippery stairs make spring and summer the best seasons to visit. Don’t forget to get a bite of Fuman’s popular cookies on your way to the castle.

Rudkhan Castle - TOP 9 Iran Castles - List of The Best Iranian Castles

Rudkhan Castle in Gilan, Iran Castles

Babak Castle – an Iranian Castle in Tabriz

Once upon a time in Iran, there were great rebel leaders who stood against the Arab invaders. The iconic symbol of this 9th century fight is Babak Castle. This historical fortress is on top of a mountain in the middle of Arasbaran Forests (6 km to the town of Kalibar). From there, Javidhan and Babak Khorramdin, the brave Azeri heroes, led a resistance for over 2 decades. The 1 or 2-hour hike up to Babak Castle might be challenging to some. But the historical aura of the place and the fascinating view of the surrounding oak forest, jagged cliffs, and the distant mountains make it definitely worth it. Visit from late March to late May, or from late August to early October.

Babak Castle - TOP 9 Iran Castles - List of The Best Iranian Castles

Babak Castle in Tabriz, Top Iran Castles

Izadkhast Castle – an Iranian Castle in Isfahan

On a high bedrock overlooking Izadkhast Valley (148 km to the south of Isfahan), you’ll find one of the world’s most ancient apartment complexes: Izadkhast Castle. This 1500-year-old heritage is surrounded by a valley on 3 sides. So, it is only accessible through a small gate. The narrow alleys and passages inside this top Iranian castle lead you to centuries-old tiny houses and balconies. Knowing that the mudbrick multi-story houses that are in ruins now were once home to a large number of ancient people makes your visit even more amazing.

Izadkhast Castle - TOP 9 Iran Castles - List of The Best Iranian Castles

Izadkhast Castle, Persian Castles in Iran

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