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We are a tour operator licensed by Iran’s Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicraft.  For us as the team of IranOnTour, leading you to a bond with the people of Iran is a source of inspiration. We know that each nation’s cultural and intellectual roots can be found in the daily life of its people. We also know that ancient history is certainly of the strong pillars Iran is standing on. That’s why we’ve tried not only to show you the best of Iran’s historical sites, but also to keep you in touch Iranian people and custom. So, we’ve added different aspects of Persian culture to the 3 types of our travel experiences: Experience-Based Tours, Cultural Tours, and Day Tours.

Experience-Based Tours

Iranian people, their customs and their lifestyle are the real spirit of Iran. But although visitors have always been after this spirit, there has been a gap in its presentation. To fill this gap, we followed our dream of an Iran that is better presented. This gave birth to the idea of our Experience-Based Tour, few-hour exclusive tours to bring visitors closer to the friendly people of Iran and the hidden and less-seen aspects of Iranian culture. Since then, we’ve been talking to many professional locals so as to connect you to the heart and soul of each city. The result of this long but enjoyable process was creating the widest range of these deep experiences and becoming the leading brand in this kind of tour in Iran.

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Cultural Tours

What distinguishes our Cultural Tours from regular tours is that we’ve touched them up with a genuine contact with Iranian people and the roots of Persian culture. To do so, we’ve included at least one experience-based tour in each city. Also, our focus on small-group tours (between 3 to 10 people) and professional guides make our tours truly enriching and high-quality experiences that allow the creation of tighter bonds with your fellow travelers and the local culture.

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Day Tours

On the other hand, for independent travelers, we’ve been crafting Day Tours to make access to the attractions outside cities possible and convenient. Now, we offer these kinds of tours from many cities and have missed almost no out-of-the-city attraction that’s worth a visit. The unparalleled broad range of options we offer on the excursions has made our company a pioneer in Iran.

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Road Trips

What else? Since out-of-the-city attractions lie here and there around Iran and moving easily from one city to another might be a concern, we came up with On the Road Tours. With our diverse range of such tours, we’ve not only spiced up simple road trips with must-see charm, but we’ve also helped independent travelers save time and money.

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Our Style of Travel

Contributing to Better Lives

Our hearts go out to children with no or irresponsible caretakers and that’s why we donate 7% of our company’s profit to philanthropic foundations that contribute to their well-being.

Giving Back to the Communities We visit

Keeping the locals as a priority wherever we go and respecting their cultural distinctions are the values we tightly embrace. We believe it is the locals who can show you the raw beauty of their home and it is them who should benefit most from their resources. That’s why we focus on working with local guides, supporting local businesses, and making local partners.

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