Qashqai Wedding Party

Where Cultural Exploration Gets FUN

Qashqai Wedding Party

€47 per person

Customs for celebrating love and marriage are bright windows opening to the depth of a particular culture. So, why don’t you become a part of a Qashqai wedding party to get a taste of the unique lifestyle of Qashqai tribe, one of the main tribes in Iran with a nomadic origin. These parties are filled with colors, nature, music, dancing and folklore. Join us in Shiraz and let us accompany you to the countryside for a few hours of fun and genuine experience of the warmth and hospitality in a Qashqai Wedding.  Enjoy the lively colors of the costumes, give yourself to the cheer in the folk dance and music, and let the unbelievable kindness and simplicity, and all the other things that have made the Qashqai so unique and gorgeous touch your heart.

Note: Also, if there is an unexpected change in ceremony date, you may attend the party in another date or get a full refund.

    Dressing up as a Qashqai

    Fitting in with the Qashqai will be more fun if you look like one and you’ll look just amazing in a Qashqai dress and scarf vibrant with color and decoration, or in men’s felted cap and cloaks and waist shawl.

    Joining a Qashqai Dance

    Qashqai folk dance is filled with life and energy. Watching or even joining the circle of dancers in colorful clothes cheerfully moving a rainbow of fabrics above their heads, whirling around and moving their feet back and forth is not just super fun, it is a genuine experience of this traditional lifestyle in the heat of the ceremony.

    Watching a Choub bazi Dance

    Qashqai people have always been courageous warriors and exhibiting this martial spirit has manifested itself in the form of stick dances performed in joyful ceremonies. If you get lucky enough, you’ll see the exciting performance of two Qashqai men, one as the attacker and the other as the defender, dancing to the rhythm of Qashqai music, striking their sticks to the other’s.


    Value For Money

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