Persian Bathhouse Experience in Isfahan

A Relaxing Adventure Beside Your Persian Exploration

Persian Bathhouse Experience in Isfahan

Freshen up for the rest of your trip with a unique bathing experience in a Persian Bathhouse (or Hammam) in Isfahan. It might be surprising to hear that a Persian Bathhouse is not only a relaxing place, but it is also one of the bests for getting deeper into Persian culture! But it is! For ancient Persians, a bathhouse was not merely a place to get cleaned! It was a social forum where people gathered to catch up on the latest news and hold some traditional rituals or political events.

On this tour, we’ll take you to a restored Persian Bathhouse in Isfahan. After getting introduced to the structure and the history of the bathhouse, prepare for experiencing what it means to let your skin really breathe and your blood circulate under your skin (LOL). You’ll soothe your body in a hot water pool (jacuzzi), get soaped up, massaged, and scrubbed the traditional Iranian style! At the end of the 2 to 3-hour bathing pleasure, we’ll take you to a nice restaurant to spice up your day with tasty traditional dishes.


  • Experiencing a relaxing traditional Persian bathing
  • Getting new personal bathing supplies
  • Experiencing bathing materials unique to Iran
  • Going deeper into Persian culture
  • Becoming familiar with the unique architecture of Persian bathhouses
  • Being served with traditional drinks in the beginning and at the end of the bathing experience


    Value For Money

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