Shiraz to Kerman Road Trip

Find Persepolis, Pasargadae & Cultural Landscape of Maymand on Your Way to Kerman

Shiraz to Kerman Road Trip

€175 per person

Spice up your road trip from Shiraz to Kerman with the historical and cultural attractions on your way. On this 2-day on the road tour, discover Persepolis (UNESCO), Pasargadae (UNESCO), and the Cultural Landscape of Maymand (UNESCO).

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced  guide
    Entrance fees
    Day 1: Shiraz- Persepolis- Pasargadae
    We’ll meet up in Shiraz and begin our unforgettable on-the-way tour with a road trip to the 2500-year-old Persepolis (around 60 km). After a walk in the footsteps of great kings and through the remains of the elegant palaces, we’ll move on to Naqsh-e Rostam (around 10 km) to check out royal rock tombs. Then Pasargadae (around 75 km) will be expecting us with the remains of the first model of impressive Persian Gardens and the modest tomb of Cyrus the Great.

    Overnight: Ecolodge in Pasargadae

    Day 2: Pasargadae- Maymand- Kerman
    We’ll dedicate today to the top attractions on our way to Kerman. First, a 290-km ride from Pasargadae takes us to 12000 years of history and intact lifestyle in the Cultural Landscape of Maymand village. The unique look of over 400 cave-houses (possibly Mithraic structures) stretching down a gently sloping cliff will leave you speechless. Still impressed by the exploration through the intriguing chambers, corridors and pillars of one of the earliest human settlements, hit the road toward Kerman (around 240 km).


    Value For Money

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