Persian Calligraphy Tour in Shiraz

The Curves and Twists of Persian Qalam

Persian Calligraphy Tour in Shiraz

The elegance that overwhelms you when you find yourself surrounded by the impressive architecture of Iranian mosques and when you look at the gorgeous pages of Persian poetry books is so much indebted to the charming intricacy of their calligraphic designs. Understanding this intricacy is the key to a genuine understanding of Persian culture. Since the time the world of Islam and the rich culture of Persia met each other, the pleasantly proportionate and geometric designs of Persian calligraphy have been giving visual pleasure and soul to carpets, doors, books, earthenware and majestic buildings. Checking out a calligraphy workshop for a few hours to discover the love, skill, and spiritual devotion that has been giving a divine spirit to Persian calligraphic artworks will be one of the sweetest experiences in Iran.

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    Persian Calligraphy Tour in Shiraz
Meet Your Instructor

Your cultural exploration begins with the warm welcome of the master penman who will enlighten you on the spiritual experience he’s devoted himself to: Persian calligraphy and calligraphy painting.

Explore the History and Styles of Persian Calligraphy

In the serenity of the calligraphy workshop, you’ll discover how Persian calligraphy was uplifted into its perfection. You’ll also get to see the beauty of the various styles that were born into this visual art throughout its long history and understand that Persian calligraphy is an artistic expression of the spiritual and literary world.

Observe How the Art is Created

Being a spectator of the creation process of a calligraphy painting work has the charms of its own. Seeing how the graceful dance of the calligrapher’s skillful hand along the paper gives visual beauty to Persian literature can feel as peaceful as a meditation session.

Calligraph in Persian

The fun part of the tour will be when your instructor teaches you to hold a Qalam in your hand, dip it in the inkwell, and write something in Persian, an experience that makes you feel like a person of the ancient times. Also, an inscription of your own name, written by yourself, will be a lovely souvenir to take home.

Please Your Eyes with Stunning Works of Art

The workshop is also a gallery of impressive works of calligraphy, calligraphy painting and Persian miniature that manifest their beauty beyond language barriers. Enjoy the sense of peace and mystical mystery that the works convey and even take one home as a tasteful gift to your loved ones or a souvenir to remember your unique experience.


Value For Money

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