Shiraz Walking Food Tour

The Local Tastes, the Local Smells and the Local Smiles

Shiraz Walking Food Tour

€26 per person

A city as culturally rich as Shiraz must also have a rich food culture. That’s why we’ve designed a pleasant walking tour into the depth of it! Together with a local guide, we’ll dig into the rich and varied flavors, ingredients and habits in Persian cuisine. We’ll pay a visit to the local market at its liveliest time, discover the delicacies of Iran and taste the city’s delicious street food. To enjoy the smell and taste of Iranian pastry, we’ll also step into a local bakery. Then a walk through the colorful spice shops of Vakil Bazaar will also give us a rare perspective of Persian culture and history. The last part of our adventure will be a feast of traditional dishes at a local restaurant with a well-earned reputation.

Duration: 6 hours


    Value For Money

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