Night Gathering with an Isfahani Family

Persian Hospitality Under the Roofs of Isfahan

Night Gathering with an Isfahani Family

Hospitality is the heart and soul of Persian culture. If you’d like to get a taste of it, join us for a gathering in the warmth of an Isfahani home. As our guides through the charms of Persian culture, our hosts will have us as their guests, show us some secrets of Iranian cuisine, and invite us to a delicious dinner in their friendly company. We’ll also let friendly chats and nostalgic memories take us to the depth of Persia and leave us with wide smiles on our faces.

What will we experience?

  • A welcoming drink: traditional Sherbets (cold herbal drinks) in summer and Persian brewed tea in winter
  • A nice chat with the sweet family about Iranian culture
  • Tasting Iranian cocktail nuts
  • Giving the mom a hand at cooking a delicious Iranian food
  • Being treated to a tasty Persian dinner


    Value For Money

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