Sarvestan Palace, Pink Lake, Saffron Fields & Fig Orchards

Charms of all Kinds packed in a Day-Long Excursion

Sarvestan Palace, Pink Lake, Saffron Fields & Fig Orchards

Done discovering the charms of Shiraz yet like to discover more beyond its walls? What we’ve planned for you is a one-day discovery of the history and nature around Shiraz. We’ll discover the isolated palace of Sassanian Empire in Sarvestan: Sarvestan Palace (UNESCO). We’ll also find world-famous Iranian delicacies, and get intoxicated by the aroma of purple saffron fields and the sweet taste of rainfed figs of mountain orchards. Plus, on our way back, we’ll catch the sunset beside Maharloo Salt Lake (also known as the Pink Lake).

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced  guide
    Entrance fees

    Meet us up at your hotel in Shiraz and have a 100-kilometer road trip toward the lost remnant of great Sasanian Empire, Sarvestan Palace (UNESCO heritage). Called a palace, a hunting lodge and a Zoroastrian fire temple by different scientists, the mystery around the function of the ancient monument adds to the charm of what has survived of its once impressive hall and dome.


    Like to visit the purple farms of the magical ingredient of Persian cuisine? If you join us from late October to late December, a pleasant visit to the second largest saffron farm in Iran will brighten up your day. Breathe in the pleasant aroma of the lovely purple flowers that carpet the farm and watch the locals pick the ‘red gold’ off the delicate flowers.


    Then make your way toward the vastest rainfed fig orchards in the world, the beautiful fig orchards of Estahban. Take a pleasant walk around the mountain orchards and taste their sweet harvest if they’re in season (late July to early October).


    Before ending your excursion in Shiraz, stop by the beautiful Maharloo Salt Lake and enjoy the adorable soft pink or sometimes pinkish red color of the lake if it has the right amount of water. Then get a short ride back to Shiraz (25 km).


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