Shahdad Desert Off Road

A Sand Lover’s Dream Come True!

Shahdad Desert Off Road

If you are an adventurer, an off-road lover, a desert enthusiast, and a night camper at heart, then join us! Enjoy five exciting days exploring the depth of the incredible Lut Desert and its amazing Shahdad Desert. Spend the days off-roading into the depth of the beauties of its nature and exploring the hits of Kerman’s culture. Visit Shah Nimatullah Wali’s Shrine and Shazdeh Garden (UNESCO) in Mahan. Have an off-road excursion to Dolphins Valley, Gandom BeryanShoor River, Kaluts, Snake’s Tongue Valley and Rig-e Yalan. A desert lover him/herself, your professional local guide who knows Lut like the back of his hand will make sure you have a safe and comfortable off-road adventure in the heart of the desert.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced English-speaking local guide
    Provided Gear: eating utensils, tent and camping gear, sleeping bag, mattress
    Beverages (only those served with included meals)
    All entrance fees and local fees
  • Exclude
    Optional activities (camel riding, sand boarding, etc.)
    Day 1

    Accept the warm welcome of Kerman’s morning sun! Off we go from your Kerman accommodation toward Mahan (40 km). At its Shah Nimatullah Wali’s Shrine enjoy the architectural beauty of the burial place of this Persian Sufi master and poet. Also have a ride toward the elegant epitome of paradisal Persian gardens, the UNESCO-listed Shazdeh Garden.

    Have another short ride (50 km) through the beautiful desert to pay a visit to the 1000-year old cypress tree in Sirch Village, an oasis that contrasts its surrounding hot desert with its cool pleasant weather and the lovely view of its many trees. On route to Shafi Abad Village, stop by to see one of the world’s tallest kinds of Nebka trees, fostered by the Lut.

    Then move on to catch a sight of the splendid mud-brick façade of Shafi Abad Caravanserai, a historical caravanserai built in the heart of desert as a refuge for travelers.

    Looking forward to finally seeing the popular destination of desert lovers? Hit the desert again and here you are at the Kaluts of Shahdad. Before the Lut makes you fall in love with its brilliant nights, the outline of the sandy towers against the sky will bless you with an incredible view of the sunset. Call the day off by a ride to the nearby Shahdad village.

    Overnight: Ecolodge in Shahdad Village

    Meal: Dinner

    Day 2

    Rise and shine! Beauty and excitement are expecting you in the hot desert. Have an awesome off-road trip to the amazing Dolphins Valley. Then move on to catch a nice view of the dormant volcanic hills covered with hardened black lava at Gandom Beryan (meaning roasted wheat), once recorded as the hottest spot on earth. From there, you’ll also enjoy the view the salty Shoor River together with the egg-shaped hills and the Kaluts have created. Get another picturesque view of Shahdad’s sunset beside the Kaluts and at night feel the sense of freedom in the middle of an ocean of endless sand and stars.

    Overnight: Ecolodge in Shahdad

    Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Day 3

    Good morning Shahdad! Today will be the day of exciting off-road rides through the awesome desert. Have a ride to the Eastern side of the Kaluts where lies Zaban-e Maar Valley (Snake’s tongue) named after its bird’s eye view which looks like a snake’s tongue. Here’s another stunning night sky of the desert to hypnotize you with its magic. The great pleasure of camping around a lovely campfire in the silent peace and under the starry sky of the Lut would be the experience of a lifetime. Sleep tight!

    Overnight: Camp at Zaban-e Mar

    Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Day 4

    The taste of opening your eyes to the lovely morning of the desert and seeing its supernatural beauty is indescribable. Off we go from Zaban-e Mar to Rig-e Yalan, a land of sand dunes as far as the eye can see. Off-roading into the sandy holes and up to the top of sandy hills that are of the tallest types in the world is adrenaline-pumping. Taking a walk in the breathtaking Rig-e Yalan and away from all the bustle, free your mind in the silence of the desert and feel the amazing sense of the hot sand against your feet. The glowing nighttime of Lut is here. Enjoy the last starry night having a nice chat around the campfire or lying on the sand and watching the amazing sky.

    Overnight: Camp at Rig-e Yalan

    Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

    Day 5

    Good morning! Having accepted a piece of the beautiful Lut into your soul, say goodbye to the warm embrace of the land of sand and have a ride back to Kerman.

    Meal: Breakfast


    Value For Money

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