Hormuz and Qeshm Tour

A Diverse Fragment of a Dream

Hormuz and Qeshm Tour

€188 per person

If you’re into an adventure through pristine nature, lovely wildlife and genuine culture in Persian Gulf in the south of Iran, our team has compactly planned what you’re looking for. Our native guide will show you around the two beautiful jewels of the Persian Gulf, Hormuz Island and Qeshm Island. On your unforgettable tour of the supernatural Hormuz Island, where the land is carpeted with a box of colored pencils, the least you’ll experience is the wonder at how spectacular its valleys are. And on your discovery of Qeshm Island, the first UNESCO-listed geopark of the Middle East because of its biodiversity, you’ll witness amazing wonders of nature, listen to mysterious stories behind some places and walk through traditional architectural treasures. Join us to get the unique taste of the nature, culture and delicious cuisine of Southern Iran Island.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced English-speaking local guide
    All entrance fees and local fees
  • Exclude
    Optional activities (water facilities, etc.)
3 Days
  • Included
    Hormuz and Qeshm Tour
Day 1

Meet us at your accommodation in Bandar Abbas. Let’s start the journey off with a ferry ride from Haghani Port to Hormuz Island (about 1 hour). Then hit the road toward the beautiful leftover of the Colonial age of the Island, the Portuguese Castle. The image of the sea serving as a background to the brick-red castle is quite scenic. Following that, off to see the Turtles Beach, where you overlook the eye-catching seascape and even have the chance to check out the large turtles.  Then soak in the rare scenery of the Red Beach where you can find red soil on the mountain, beachline and even water. After that, make your way toward the Valley of statues, where the magical look of human-like and animal-like figures sculpted by nature create a sense of awe. Leaving the impressive valley behind, set foot on the colorful carpet of the Rainbow Valley, where you can’t resist the temptation of taking your camera out to capture many colors in one frame.

In the afternoon, get cozy in the serene Valley of Silence which has long been a shelter for meditation. The valley is home to Meditation Cave, a pure stalagmite-and-stalactite-filled salt cave; a place that can clean your chakras and balance your energy. Our next wonderland is the Salty Goddess, a naturally-sculpted rainbow salt mountain.  Then say hello to Shoor Valley, the grandpa of valleys in Hormuz, where we can touch the most long-standing deposit layers.

Overnight: Hotel in Hormuz
Day 2

Rise and Shine! It’s time to hit the sea towards Qeshm Island. Starting off today’s exploration brings you to Xorbas Cave, a pre-Islamic mystery at the heart of mountain. The winding cave architecture of tunnels, multiple chambers and lovely springs of Xorbas and the stories behind it leave you amazed. To add even more to the wonder, leave Xorbas and drive toward the next valley, the Valley of Stars. Walk down the pillared paths in this otherworldly valley that locals believe was created by the crash of a star.  After a short journey to the West, find yourself overlooking the beautiful collection of Naz Islands, disconnected from each other at high tide. You can even go for a pleasant walk along the path created between the islands at low tide.

Later in the afternoon, drive or climb up to the top of the vastest plateau in the island, the Roof of Qeshm, to get a panoramic view of Hara Mangrove Forests and Northern coastline of the Persian Gulf.  Having enjoyed the shining scenery, move toward Namakdan Mountain, a salt-striped giant which nests one of the longest salt caves of the world with fragile salt icicles, salt streams, a range of colors and an adorable spring.

Then get familiar with the cultural aspect of Qeshm: the historical sight of Laft, a village of Badgirs (wind towers), minarets, meandering narrow streets and a domed Abanbar (water reservoir). To see the last piece of the traditional sustainable architecture and engineering of the natives, also visit Tela Wells, a collection of historical wells dug to store sweet water.

Finally, make your way toward a nice ecolodge and spend the rest of the day taste the amazingly unique combination of spices and vegetables in Southern cuisine. Physically tired after two days of pleasure, call the day off by the taste of an overnight native homestay at the comfy ecolodge.

Overnight: Ecolodge in Qeshm

Optional with Surcharge: Experience a live performance of the cheerful folk music of the south, dress up as a native, and get to know the amusing rituals, ceremonies and folklore.
Day 3
Morning’s here! Off to Hara Sea Forests where we catch a sweet sight of Qeshm morning sun over the trees that have their roots in water and listen to the beautiful symphony of the wildlifeIt’s high tide, so sit back on the boat and lose yourself in the stunning view of the trees partially hidden under the salty seawater. Isn’t it more stunning to know that their lovely entangled roots reappear completely at low tide?Move on and check out the unusual atmosphere of Chahkooh Valley. Lack of plant life and the extraordinary sight of the shapes amazingly formed by the craftsmanship of wind, water and soil will leave you speechless.In the afternoon, get transferred to a scenic beachfront hotel and have the rest of the day to lie in the warm sun, have a refreshing swim or even raise your adrenaline level with the exciting water facilities available.Here’s the last sunset and the moment of saying goodbye to the beautiful and unforgettable islands of the Persian Gulf with a ferry ride back to Bandar Abbas.


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