Varzaneh Desert Tour

Sandy Adventures near Isfahan

Varzaneh Desert Tour

€57 per person

Like to spice things up with sandy adventures when you are in Isfahan? This 1-day tour of the attractions near Isfahan will add more taste to your experience of Iran with old history, traditional culture and desert excitement. Varzaneh Village will totally satisfy the culture-lover in you and Varzaneh Desert will let the child in you enjoy the adrenaline rush of desert fun.

  • Include
    Licensed and experienced guide
    Entrance fees
  • Exclude
    Optional activities (camel riding, sand boarding, etc.)

    Meet us at your Isfahan accommodation and hit the road toward Varzaneh desert village (125 km). Check out the historical and cultural attractions of the village: The 600-year-old mosque which was built over a Zoroastrian fire temple, the historical bridge that dates back to Medieval Middle East, the white veil of the women and many others.


    Then move on to Varzaneh Desert (10 km) to raise your adrenaline level with all the exciting entertainment available at one of Iran’s biggest desert camps, Vaheh Eco Camp.  In the beauty of the desert, enjoy a pleasant walk or an off-road adventure on the sand dunes, or hit the desert on camels or 4-wheel motorcycles. Exciting zipline and paraglider rides are also there for you to get the best perspective of the beautiful sandy landscape. Ecolodges are also available for eating, refreshing and getting some rest.

    As the last treat of the memorable adventure, please your eyes on the spectacular view the sunset creates over the desert horizon. Then have a road trip back to Isfahan.


    Value For Money

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