Narin Castle | Meybod, Yazd, Iran | Naryn Castle

5000 Years of History in a Brick Castle
Narin Castle feature image2 - Narin Castle | Meybod, Yazd, Iran | Naryn Castle
11 Jan

Narin Castle | Meybod, Yazd, Iran | Naryn Castle

Meybod is a small city near Yazd that inherits a beautiful castle with a long history. This castle, which is located on a hill, is called Narin Castle. It is also called Naranj (sour orange) Castle in the local dialect. As a piece of history that has been standing here for almost 5000 years, Naryn Castle is the most important monument in Meybod, the oldest historical sight in Yazd province, and one of the oldest citadels in Iran. Narein Castle is also one of the largest mud-brick buildings of ancient times. If you are excited to know such an amazing castle, then stay with me on this post.

Why Visit Narin Castle?

  • Narin Castle is one of the oldest citadels in Iran.
  • It is the oldest historical site in Yazd.
  • The castle is one of the largest mud-brick buildings of ancient Iran.
  • Walking in the castle is reminiscent of the ancient world and leads to a brand new experience.

The Story of Narin Castle

Latest archaeological studies show that ancient people have been living in the region for at least 5000 years. Yet, Narin Castle belongs to Iron Age and the Median Empire (678-549 BC). In Sassanid era (224-651 AD) and in the 14th century, the castle went through renovations and expansions. But the Mongul invasion of Iran brought it to destruction.

Royalty vs. Common People in Narin Castle

Narin Castle consists of two main parts for living: The Shahneshin (royal section) and the common people’s section. In the commoners’ section, there were the mosque, the baths, and the passages. Unfortunately, no trace of them remains today. In the royal section, there are buildings and places in three floors. This part starts from the third gate and ends with a spiral path in the Shahneshin alcove known as Mozaffari Alcove.

Architecture of Narin Castle

Narin Castle is totally a brick building that is on a mud hill overlooking the city. The architects have built four round and high towers for this seven-floor castle. Today, we can only see that the central parts of them have remained. The construction of numerous and nested rooms is another significant part of the castle’s architecture. Many of these rooms are inaccessible because they are in the lower parts and floors of the castle and the corridors have collapsed. You can see architectural structures from different eras, especially from Sassanid era, in the alcove.

The dimensions of the bricks used in the construction of this building are different from each other, and this indicates the construction and completion of the castle in different historical eras. It is possible that some of these bricks were used during the Median era. Heavy nested walls, along with several gates, towers and fortifications that separate this building from its surroundings, form the structure of Narin Castle.

Some archaeologists date the residence to about 3,000 to 4,000 BC. Based on the stated antiquity, it seems like Narin Castle has the oldest human civilization in the history of Yazd.

Narin Castle 4 1 - Narin Castle | Meybod, Yazd, Iran | Naryn Castle

The Facade of Narin Castle – Narin Castle Meybod

Defending Narin Castle

All the towers and gates that you see in this castle were equipped with machicolations, holes and shelters that reveal the defensive aspects of the castle. In most eras, this building was used as a government citadel and sometimes as a shelter.

Also, one of the important points in the construction of this huge historical complex is digging of a moat. The tunnels under this moat reached up to 3.8 miles. As in all cities and castles of Iran that digging moats has been a part of the city’s defense system, digging moats has been considered in designing this castle-city. In terms of defensive structure, this castle has five fences and gates. It has a complex and unique structure that makes it almost impossible for the enemy to penetrate into.

Narin Castle 5 - Narin Castle | Meybod, Yazd, Iran | Naryn Castle
The Watch Tower

Narin Castle – Underground Networks

One of the interesting and remarkable points about this magnificent historical place is the presence of a network of underground passageways. Designers and architects of that time built them for the provision of the citizen’s necessities including water and food. The paths are said to have never been conquered by any stranger or aggressor.

The Key to Narin Castle

During the excavations carried out at this place, the explorers discovered a piece of pottery that indicates a lot of important information about the civilization and antiquity of this ancient castle. It seems that the image of a half-human, half-animal creature is on this piece of pottery. This image is very similar to the paintings of the third millennium BC, which belong to the Elamite civilization.

Architectural experts believe that the placement and construction of Narin Castle was not on an intact land. Excavators found some works of architecture with brick structures in this place.  You can see these signs in the lower layers of the northern wall and the alcove. It shows the existence of a very important and valuable collection.

It also seems that in the early days of Islam, Narin Castle was used as a residence. Because you can see elements of 9th and 10th AD architecture in this collection. You can see these reconstructions in the alcove, towers, fortifications, moats, and the downtown area. The architects believe that the restorations that have been done in these parts were without considering the correct architectural principles. They believe that the builders made these unsystematic repairs in a hurry.

Narin Castle 3 - Narin Castle | Meybod, Yazd, Iran | Naryn Castle

Narin Castle Meybod

More about Narin Castle

Visiting hours

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Visiting days

‌Every day except some public holidays

Nearby Attractions

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Where to Eat Nearby

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Zafaran Restaurant

Shah Neshin Restaurant

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