How Much Money Can I Take to Iran?

How Much Money Can I Take to Iran?
14 Feb

How Much Money Can I Take to Iran?

Wondering how much money you can bring to Iran or how much cash you can take from Iran? Like in any other country, bringing cash to Iran has special rules. And considering that international cards such as PayPal and Visa Card don’t work in Iran, you will have to bring cash to Iran. So, here’s your guide to bringing, taking, managing cash in Iran.

How Much Cash Can I Take to Iran?

There is no limit to importing foreign currencies into Iran. However, to carry over 10’000 Euros, you’ll have to fill out a declaration form on arrival at the customs. This limit is not per person. If you are traveling to Iran with family members, this is the total amount of cash you can take to Iran. More should be reported to the customs.

How Can I Exchange Currency in Iran?

You can always exchange money at the airport and this is the most convenient place for you. Exchange offices are also found in the main cities around Iran. In Tehran, Ferdowsi Square, in Shiraz, in Karim Khan Square and Maali Abad Boulevard, and in Isfahan, Hakim Nezami Street and Sepah Street are the main centers for currency exchange offices.

How Much Cash Can I Take from Iran?

The maximum amount of money you can take out of Iran is 5000 Euros.

Is There an Alternative to Bringing Cash to Iran?

There is ALWAYS an alternative. Although Iran is not connected to the international banking system, you can get yourself an Iranian bank card to avoid carrying cash. These pre-paid debit cards can be charged through PayPal (with commission) from home and be used in Iranian shops and certain ATMs.

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