Traveling to Iran as a Dual National

Rules of Entering Iran With a Dual Nationality
Traveling to Iran as a Dual National
6 Feb

Traveling to Iran as a Dual National

Wondering how you can travel to Iran with a dual nationality or which nationality to use for your visa application? Here’s a brief guide to the rules and some tricks for a better trip to Iran.

The first thing you should know is that Iran doesn’t recognize dual nationality. So, if one of your passports is Iranian, you are only an Iranian to the Iranian government.

But if you like to know which nationality to apply with for your trip, stay with me.

Traveling to Iran as a Dual National

If you are wondering which nationality to apply with for your trip to Iran, the answer it the one nationality that has better political relationships with Iran. Also, the visa fee varies from nation to nation, so you could go with the more reasonable one. If one of your nationalities is American, British, Canadian or Israeli, for a more convenient trip, present your other passport for the Iran visa application. Please note that a recent stamp of a trip to Israel will also prevent the accept of your visa.

Traveling to Iran as Iranian/Other Dual nationality

It is important to know that citizens of any country who also possess Iranian citizenship are subject to laws that impose special obligations on citizens of Iran. This includes such policies as military service or taxes.

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