Borujerdi House | Kashan, Iran | Borujerdi Historical House

A House Which Shines Like a Diamond
Borujerdi House feature image - Borujerdi House | Kashan, Iran | Borujerdi Historical House
17 Nov

Borujerdi House | Kashan, Iran | Borujerdi Historical House

Borujerdi House is one of the most beautiful buildings from the Qajar era. A merchant built this house in Kashan. It is a special building throughout which you can see the elegance and features of Persian architecture. In building this house, traditional Persian design was important. And the interior decorations feature considerable delicacy and finesse. The paintings of this house have been done in a special way by using different methods of oil painting and watercolor. The beauty and glory of Borujerdi house is beyond expectation. That’s why in 2015 and 2016 it was selected as a popular tourist attraction by UNESCO. Stay with me to get more information about this monument’s history and architecture.

Borujerdi house 6 - Borujerdi House | Kashan, Iran | Borujerdi Historical House

The pavilion in Borujerdi Historical House

Why Borujerdi House?

• Borujerdi house is one of the most famous and popular historical houses in Iran.

• The design and painting of the Borujerdiha historical house are unique and have been done by the best masters of the era.

• It is near many other attractions.

Borujerdi house 7 1 - Borujerdi House | Kashan, Iran | Borujerdi Historical House

Borujerdi House

Borujerdi Historical House – The story of the Name

There is an interesting reason for naming Borujerdi house. The story is that the original owner was a merchant who imported goods from Borujerd (a city in Iran). Due to his relations with Borojerd merchants, he was known as Borujerdi. This name became the name of his dynasty and in the same way, the house became known as Borujerdi House.

The Love Story of Borujerdi House

This merchant fell in love with the daughter of a man, Tabatabai, who was one of the greatest carpet merchants of that era. Tabatabai was wealthy and had a very beautiful house: Tabatabai House. He had one condition to agree with their marriage. He told the merchant to build a house like his own in order to let him marry his daughter. The merchant accepted and went to the architect of Tabatabai’s house. So he built one of the most wonderful houses for his wife.

Borujerdi house 5 - Borujerdi House | Kashan, Iran | Borujerdi Historical House

The Pavilion in Borujerdi House

The Architecture of Borujerdi House

From the moment you enter Borujerdi house, you will be surprised by the artistic taste and creativity. In this house there are three entrances; the main entrance is in the north. There is an entrance for special guests which is in the south of the house. The other entrance is for religious ceremonies and is on the west side of the building. When you enter this house from the main entrance, you will reach the northern part of the central courtyard that the whole building around it. To the east of the courtyard are three rooms with common corridors. These corridors connect the winter residence to the summer residence. There are also two long wind catchers to perform the process of air conditioning.

The interior of Borujerdi House includes north and south sections. There is a domed roof above the main hall of the house. The northern part of the building includes a living room, a backyard, a five-door room, and a large basement or cellar. The southern part is also consisting of a central courtyard, a reception hall, and two earring rooms that are located on both sides of the hall. The paintings of this building have been designed and done in various ways with oil painting and watercolor. On the roof of the hall, there are interesting skylights.

The exterior includes the central courtyard, the hall, the Kolah Farangi pavilion (a pavilion with a conical roof whose architecture is half Persian-half European), the summer rooms, and the wind catchers. In the northern part, there is a five-door room for receiving guests. On the other side of the northern part, there are three-door rooms. Decoration of these rooms is with plaster work. They have stunning floral and bird designs.

Borujerdi house 8 1 - Borujerdi House | Kashan, Iran | Borujerdi Historical House

The ceiling in Borujerdi House

Borujerdi House – The Interior Decorations

Visiting every part of Borujerdi house is an extraordinary and valuable experience. In the north hashti of the house, coins have been placed at the main entrance. They are connected to the main arch of the roof with muqarnas and plasterwork. Plaster work and paintings of flowers, birds, hunting grounds and animals covered the roofs, the inner part of the hall, and the side halls. On the wall of the alcove, you can also see pictures of Qajar kings.

The most important point is that the decorations of each part tell a special and historical story. In designing and decorating one part of the building, they paid much attention to the business of the house owner. You can also see the items that Borujerdi traded and the special gifts he received from the elders in the decoration of plasterwork. They play an extraordinary role in the beauty of this masterpiece.

Borujerdi house 1 2 - Borujerdi House | Kashan, Iran | Borujerdi Historical House

The main Hall in Borujerdi House

More About Borujerdi House

Visit Hours

Summer: 9:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Other Seasons: 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Visit Days

Every day except some public holidays.

Nearby Attractions

You can visit so many wonderful attractions near Borujerdi House. Here are some of them: Tabatabai House which has a great reputation due to its amazing architecture. Sultan Amir Ahmad Bath, is a Qajar-era public bath with spectacular design and plaster work. Abbasian, House, another historical house in Kashan. It has unique beauty in terms of architecture, paintings, and plasterwork.

Where to Eat Nearby

Mozaffari Restaurant

Ghazal Restaurant

Morshedi Restaurant

Like to pay a visit to Borujerdi House?

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