TOP Holy Shrines in Iran | BEST Iran Holy Places

The Sacred Tombs of Shia Islamic Saints
holy shrines in iran - iran holy places
31 Jan

TOP Holy Shrines in Iran | BEST Iran Holy Places

“He whose heart is revived by LOVE never dies”. This is a translation of one of Hafez’s most beautiful sonnet lines. Many people who believe in eternal life after death all around the world, respect their nobles, saints, and beloved ones in a special way. Especially when we are talking about the saints and the religious figures in Iran, people have a sacred attitude toward them. For Iranian people, the saints and religious figures are representations of humanity, spirituality, nobility, and bravery. Religious and even sometimes not too-religious people consider the saints as their healers and God’s messengers. The holy shrines in Iran are tombs of these holy religious figures, and people visit them to heal their souls and find peace in the spiritual atmosphere of these Iranian holy shrines.

Holy Shrines in Iran

Iran’s holy shrines are mostly the tombs of Islamic figures such as famous prophets, Shia Imams, Shia saints, and Islamic Iranian mystics. These holy figures are so respected among Iranian people that their shrines are constructed with amazingly beautiful architecture and they are always full of faithful people. People visit Iranian holy shrines and there they say prayers, perform mystical and religious rituals and improve their unity with each other. As soon as you enter the holy shrines in Iran, you can feel peace and serenity. In such places people behave so politely and nobly; since they believe the soul of that saint is not physically, but metaphysically and spiritually alive and he/she is aware of their presence.

The most popular holy shrines in Iran are Imam Reza Holy Shrine, Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine, Fatima Masume Holy Shrine, Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine, Daniel the Prophet Tomb, and Ali ibn Hamzeh Holly Shrine. Each of these Iran holy shrines has an exclusive story, and the architecture of each is unique. There are many other Iranian holy shrines such as Shah Abdul Azim Shrine, Sayed Aladdin Hussain Shrine, and other places that are not as popular as the ones mentioned, yet they are all so brilliant to visit.

Imam Reza Holy Shrine in Iran

Imam Reza Holy Shrine is the most popular among the holy shrines in Iran. Ali ibn Musa Al-Reza is the 8th Imam of Shia, who was a kind-hearted saint and a brave leader. Imam Reza is famous for his wise philosophical theology, charitable actions, bravery against cruelty, and love for animals and nature. he has always been a respectful holy figure for Iranians whether Shia, Sunnie or even non-Muslim. Imam Reza Holy Shrine has very beautiful and marvelous architecture. The golden dome of Imam Reza Shrine is like the sun in the center of Mashhad city.

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Imam Reza Holy Shrine in Iran

The greatness of Imam Reza Shrine gives you the feeling of peace and serenity as if you are not alone, and you are a drop in an ocean. In Imam Reza Shrine you feel united with all the faithful people, and the spiritual atmosphere caused by the prayers of people takes you out of the physical world and makes you feel that God is so close. In Imam Reza Shrine many other shrines and tombs belong to famous Islamic Iranian mystics, religious figures, and famous Iranian Islamic scientists.

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Interior View of Imam Reza Shrine – Holy Shrines in Iran

Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine in Iran

Shah Cheragh Holy Shrine is the peaceful tomb of Imam Reza’s elder brother, Ahmad ibn Mosa. This marvelous Islamic Iranian holy shrine is located in Shiraz. The architecture of these holy shrines is so unique and many Iranian Islamic figures are resting in the peace of this Iran holy shrine. Inside this Iranian holy shrine, the aroma of rosewater mixed with the silky whisper of prayers gives this place a heavenly atmosphere, in which people find peace and rest their souls.

Shirazi people especially have great respect for this holy shrine and many of them believe in the miraculous power of Ahmad ibn Mosa in healing the patients and solving the problems of his true believers metaphysically. Inside this Iranian holy shrine, there is a museum that keeps historical relics from different historical ages and there are also the medals and cups of Iranian world champions who granted their trophy to this holy place as a sign of faith and loyalty.

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Shahcheragh Holy Shrine in Iran

Fatima Masumeh Holy Shrine in Iran

Fatima Masumeh is the noble sister of Imam Reza (A.S). She is a respected figure among Iranian Muslims, especially Shias. Her Holy Shrine in Iran, Qom has always been a sacred place for Iranian people and kings. There are many Safavid and Qajar kings buried in this holy place. The holy shrine of Fatima Masumeh has been changed over different ages. Due to the nobility of this respectful lady and the love of people for his father and brothers, many Iranian Shia kings especially in the Safavid dynasty have tried to upgrade this holy shrine. This Iran holy shrine is a place of prayers, charity, and of course unity for the Iranian people. The beautiful architecture of this place is so eye-catching since you can find the beauty of different Iranian Islamic architecture styles in different parts of this holy shrine.

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Fatima Masoumeh Holy Shrine in Iran

Shah Nematollah Vali Iranian Shrine

Shah Nematollah Vali, the famous Iranian mystic and poet rests in peace in a holy shrine in Mahan, Kerman province. He is a famous figure in Islamic Iranian Sufism and Mysticism. He also has poems in different styles of Persian literature and poetry. His holy shrine was constructed in the Timurid age and upgraded in further ages by different kings and nobles. The architecture of the main building which includes the tomb of Shah Nematollah Vali is so unique. It is a square building on top of which a beautiful azure dome exists. The yard of this Iranian shrine has a garden and there are many other rooms, halls, and a caravanserai in Shah Nematollah Vali’s shrine.

Shah Nematollah Dome 1 - TOP Holy Shrines in Iran | BEST Iran Holy Places
Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine in Iran

Daniel the Prophet Tomb

Daniel the prophet is a religious figure in Abrahamic Religions including Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. 6 places are claimed to be his final rest place on earth, the most famous of which is located in the western south of Iran, Susa (Shush), Khouzestan province. This holy shrine has a unique architecture and nowadays it is a place for prayers of different religions; especially Shia and Sunni Muslims.

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Daniel the Prophet Tomb in Iran

Ali ibn Hamzeh Holy Shrine in Iran

Ali ibn Hamzeh, the grandson of Imam Mosa Al-Kazim, is a respectful religious figure among Iranians and Shia Muslims. He is famous for his bravery, sincere faith, and sacred life. His holy shrine in Iran, Shiraz city, has a nice architecture that is the demonstration of Shirazi methods of Islamic Iranian architecture. This Iranian holy shrine is constructed around a beautiful garden. Inside this Iran holy shrine, the mirror works and carvings are so attractive. In Ali ibn Hamzeh Holly Shrine there is also a cultural team of Islamic Shia clergies that you can ask them a lot about the secrets and mysteries of Islam and Shia.

علی بن حمزه ع 4 - TOP Holy Shrines in Iran | BEST Iran Holy Places
Ali ibn Hamzeh Holy Shrine in Iran

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