Dowlat Abad Garden | Yazd, Iran

A Cool Breeze in the Hot Realm of Desert
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1 Aug

Dowlat Abad Garden | Yazd, Iran

Interested in the architectural beauties of Iran’s desert cities? Then don’t miss Yazd’s Dowlat Abad Garden! The historical city of wind towers is home to a full gallery of charms! But this priceless 18th century relic hides the world’s tallest wind tower in its heart, and is one of the most attractive Persian Gardens listed as UNESCO world heritage! Follow me on this blog to discover the secrets of this lovely garden.

Why Visit Dolat Abad Garden?

  • You’ll see the world’s tallest wind tower!
  • It is among the 9 Persian Gardens listed by UNESCO!
  • The beauty of the nights of the historical garden will fascinate you.
  • It showcases the traditional desert architecture of Persia!
  • A 65-km Qanat waters the garden!
  • It is among one of the most beautiful mansions in Iran!
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Dolat Abad garden interior view, colorful window, Yazd, Iran

The Story of Dolat Abad Garden

Iran after Nader Shah Afshar (known as the Napoleon of Persia) lacked a strong central government. As a result, local powers became dominant and each created a miniature kingdom of their own. The governor of Yazd, too, planned his own royal residence: Dolat Abad Garden (1746 AD). After the fall of Afsharid Dynasty, the magnificent garden was used as the residence of the founder of Zand Dynasty, Karim Khan Zand.

Dowlat Abad Garden was originally in the middle of desert and a large number of trees hid it from the world outside. Then it became part of the city of Yazd after urban expansions in Qajar and Pahlavi era. Before building the garden, its builder created a 65-km Qanat (underground water channels) to provide it with water. In the site, there is a Biruni garden (the public quarter of traditional houses). This section was used for holding official and state receptions, and sport events. The Andaruni (the private quarter of traditional houses), where you visit now, was the home of the governor and his family. The historical, architectural, and cultural values of Dowlat Abad Garden make it an exceptional masterpiece of human history. As one of the 9 gardens registered as Persian Gardens in UNESCO, Dolat Abad enjoys the genius and creativity that helped ancient Iranians adapt to hot climates.

PersianGarden 3 - Dowlat Abad Garden | Yazd, Iran

Dolat Abad Garden interior view, the summer house, wind tower chamber, Yazd, Iran

How Dowlat Abad Garden Looks

For entering the garden, like any other traditional mansion in Iran, you’ll have to pass a rather large Hashti (entrance hall). There you can see people selling traditional handicrafts you don’t want to miss. Like its Shirazi twin sisters, Qavam House and Haft Tanan Garden, Dolat Abad is designed to have a central garden and surrounding buildings. The Hashti leads you to a very large garden that immediately captivates you with the charming view of a lofty wind tower. The wind tower is at the end of a pathway created by tall pine trees. In the middle of the pathway a lengthy pool extends to the summer house and behind the pine trees, you can find lovely cypresses, vines and pomegranate trees.

dolat abad gard blog re - Dowlat Abad Garden | Yazd, Iran

Dowlat Abad Garden – Yazd Iran

The octagonal structure under the wind tower can’t miss the click of your camera, both from outside and inside. Entering this summer house, you will be hypnotized by the architectural beauty of its roof. The intricacy of its carvings together with the tasteful use of wooden Orsi (stained-glass windows) have created such a unique spectacle that taking your eyes away from the roof would be difficult. Right below the charming roof, you can find an octagonal marble pool which is an important part of the building’s clever cooling system. On the upper floor, the porch gives you a lovely view of the garden.

dolat abad garden re2 - Dowlat Abad Garden | Yazd, Iran

Dolat Abad Garden Wind Tower – Summer house, roof view, inside the wind tower,

The other must-see structures in the garden are an adobe watchtower, a magnificent hall topped with a square wind tower, and a winter house which separates from the summer house with cherry and pomegranate trees.

an adobe watchtower 1 1024x618 - Dowlat Abad Garden | Yazd, Iran

Dolat Abad Garden – the watch tower

The World’s Tallest Wind Tower in Dowlatabad Garden

Yazd summer days are so hot that make you wonder how people could live there before the birth of modern air conditioners! Well, ancient Iranians were the masters of adapting themselves to their environments and they always had a genius plan! This time, wind towers! They were efficient cooling systems that together with Qanats (underground water channels) created airflow inside the building. The tower standing on top of Dolat Abad’s main structure is an elegant example of such towers. Standing elegantly on top of the main building of the Persian garden, the 33.8-meter wind tower is the world’s tallest mudbrick wind tower. As the most significant symbol of the garden, the octagonal tower is a standing evidence of ancient Iranians’ architectural ingenuity.

arquitectura islamica contenedores de aire en los jardines del gobierno de abad en yazd iran 2. fotografia  sara mahdi 2017 1024x644 - Dowlat Abad Garden | Yazd, Iran

Dolat Abad Garden – Yazd Wind Tower

The Charming Nights of Dolat Abad Garden

Nights bring a whole other world into the historical garden. When the old lanterns handing from the pine trees are lit and the summer house and its elegant wind tower are drowned in tasteful lighting, taking a walk in Dowlat Abad Garden is really pleasant.

772 643 1024x467 - Dowlat Abad Garden | Yazd, Iran

Dolat Abad Garden at night

More About Dolat Abad Garden

Open hours:

8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

When to Visit

If you like to see the garden and the other attractions of Yazd in a nice weather, all seasons except for Summer will be great.

The Nearby Attractions

The nearest historical sight to Dowlat Abad is Amir Chakhmaq Complex. Reaching the 15th century school known as Alexander’s Prison and the gorgeous traditional Lari House also only takes about 10 minutes by car.

Where to Eat Near Dolat Abad Garden

Dolat Abad Café

Bartar Restaurant

Diamond Restaurant

Melli Restaurant

Sholi Kadeh

Like to visit Dowlatabad Garden?

Then join one of our multi-day Cultural Tours.

Dowlat Abad Garden on Map

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