Happy Nowruz Festival – Persian New Year 2023 – Iranian New Year

Nowruz, When New Year Blooms
11 Oct

Happy Nowruz Festival – Persian New Year 2023 – Iranian New Year

When you see the spring footprints on tree branches, somewhere in the Middle East, a New Year begins. Iranian people renovate their life in sweet harmony with nature renewal. In the solar calendar, the first day of Farvardin is the first chapter of the book of creation. At this romantic time, Iranian people sing along with free birds, partying and celebrating the Nowruz festival. If you are interested in Persian New Year, get in.


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Nowruz in Iran @shutterstock

When Is Persian New Year 2023 (Nowruz Iran 2023)

When is Persian New Year 2023?  The Iranian new year 2023 (Nowruz 2023) begins its’ first day at March 21st, 2023 (taking place at March 20th, 2023). Iran is so lovely to visit during the Persian new year 2023 time, for the people are in the most joyful time of the year, and the Iranian nature is at its’ best shape. Like to celebrate the new year in Iran 2023, with happy Iranian people? Follow me in this blog to read more about the secrets of Iranian new year. Happy Nowruz 2023 in advance!

Nowruz Festival, Iranian New Year

The word “Nowruz” means “new day”. Needless to say, this festival is by any means new. Iranians try to be coordinated with this festival. They buy new clothes, clean their houses, and even change their decoration in order to feel renovated. Many Iranian mystics consider Nowruz a great time for change. They believe that Nowruz is a great chance for people to rebel against their old habits, find new good habits, and improve their personality to be a better person. Hafiz (the Iranian poet & mystic), in a lyrical line, mentions:

«نوبهار است در آن کوش که خوش‌دل باشی، که بسی گل بدمد باز و تو در گل باشی»

“It’s early spring time; keep your heart sublime; for the roses blossom, whether you rise or fall” - Happy Nowruz Festival - Persian New Year 2023 - Iranian New Year

Nowruz festival

Persian New Year Traditions

For 13 energetic days in the apple of nature’s eyes, Iranian people enjoy their Persian New Year traditions. Almost every single part of Norooz celebration has a philosophy. Some of the Persian New Year traditions have an ancient root, and some of them are devoted to nature; some contemporary rituals are even influenced by Islamic rituals. Iranian New Year is colorfully painted by Nowrouz greetings, Noruz decorations, religious rituals, and other sub-celebrations.


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Persian new year @shutterstock

Nowruz Iran 2023, Nowruz Greetings

“Nowruz Mubarak”. That’s probably what you gonna hear (as Nowruz greetings) if you are in Iran at the beginning of the New Year. As one of the happiest festivals in Iran, it requires its own version of congrats. Some people refer to Nowrouz as “Eid”. The word “Eid” is an Arabic word and it usually refers to Islamic happy ceremonies. Nowruz Eid or Eid-e Nowruz is frequently used by Iranian people in their greetings. These phrases are some popular congratulation styles in Persian:

  • Happy Eid (Happy new year in Farsi): (Eidetun Mobǎrak)
  • Happy Nowrouz: (Nowrouz Mobǎrak)
  • May all your days be as new as Nowrouz, and your Nowruz be lucky: (Har ruzetan Nowruz, Nowrouzetan Piruz)

Iranian New Year 2023 (Norooz 2023), Nowruz Decorations

The nature’s going in style, you don’t wanna be left behind! That’s a matter Iranian people wonder about. Nowrouz decorations and settings are so important in this festival. At first, Iranian New Year lovers, make their houses ready for the Persian New Year. In a tradition called “Khane-Tekani”, Persians clean out their houses and even try to change the decoration in a more beautiful way. After that, it’s time to set the Nowrooz table.

Nowruz table (7-seen, or Persian New Year table) is a symbolic tradition. Before the beginning of Noruz celebration, Iranians set a table with 7 special items starting with the Persian letter “س”  (which is produced just like /s/). Each of Nowrooz table decoration items represent a good omen or something happy for Iranian New Year ahead; for example, apple is a symbol of health and happiness. When the Nowruz decoration of your house is done, and the 7-seen table is set, it’s your turn. You should look as fashionable as the nature itself! Iranians buy new clothes and prepare themselves for a happy spring time.


1 - Happy Nowruz Festival - Persian New Year 2023 - Iranian New Year

Nowruz decoration @Mohammad Sagharidooz

Nowrouz 2023 Religious Rituals

Nowrouz as the New Year of a religious society, has got spiritual inspirations not only from Zoroastrian beliefs, but it has also integrated Islamic beliefs into it. Zoroastrians consider Nowruz the party of nature, after spring overcomes the winter. In Zoroastrian beliefs, Nowrooz festival is a renewal for both human and nature. Islam also as a favorable religion among Iranians, has established positive relations with Nowrouz. Iranian Muslims start their New Year with Quran holy verses and incite a famous prayer (quoted by Imam Sadegh (6th Shia holy leader)):

«یا محول الحول و الاحوال، یا مدبر الیل و النهار، یا محول الحول و الابصار، حول حالنا الی احسن الحال»

“O Lord, thou change the mood, oh Lord, thou justify the night and the noon, oh Lord, thou change the sights and the look, change our mood to the best you would”

One beautiful custom in Nowruz is “Eidi”. Eidi is cash, an item, or anything that you can give as a Persian new year gift. Elders put a smile on younger faces with Eidi. This act of kindness, is not only giving a gift; but also, this people pray for each other’s blessing. Gracious families find Eidi, a good chance to give alms to people in need, and enlighten their New Year with an act of charity.  - Happy Nowruz Festival - Persian New Year 2023 - Iranian New Year

Quran in Nowruz table

Sub-celebrations of Persian New year 2023

There are some other festivals and ceremonies which are related to Persian New Year. Charshanbeh-soori and Sizdah-be-dar are sub-celebrations of Nowrouz festival. On the last Wednesday of the year, right before Nowruz, Chaharshanbe-soori starts. In this festival, people enjoy the sceneries created by fireworks, and in a more traditional style, they light a fire and jump over it.

The other ceremony (Sizdah-be-dar) is on the 13th day of Nowruz festival. In Persian calendar, Sizdah-be-dar is the nature day. In Sizdah-be-dar, people leave their houses and enjoy a picnic in nature. On the 13th day of Iranian New Year festival, people say bye to Nowrouz, and enjoy the rest of their spring with the fresh energy they boosted during Nowruz holidays. In other words, Sizdah-be-dar is the happy ending, viewers expect from the tale of Nowruz.

4411836 - Happy Nowruz Festival - Persian New Year 2023 - Iranian New Year

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