Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions | Hamedan, Iran

Secret Code to A Hidden Treasure
Ganjname feature ratio 2 - Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions | Hamedan, Iran
26 Jan

Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions | Hamedan, Iran

The ensemble of history, nature, and recreation in Hamadan, Ganjnameh, brings joy to the visitors of various types. Above all, Ganjnameh embraces fascinating mementos from Achaemenid Kings and a marvelous waterfall. So, set out to explore the ancient inscriptions of Achaemenid era (550-330 BC) ordered by king Darius the Great and his son, King Xerxes.

Of course, the waterfall nearby adds to the beauty of this fascinating tourist attraction. This marvelous combination of nature and history impresses the visitors. The amusing entertainment complex attached to the site augments the delight of visiting the site. Wish to get to know this multifunctional tourist attraction better? Then, do not hesitate to follow me!

ganjnameh - Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions | Hamedan, Iran

the waterfalls in Ganjnameh

What Makes Ganjnameh Special?

  • The site includes a combination of history, nature, and recreation.
  • It showcases multilingual ancient inscriptions from notable Achaemenid kings.
  • The inscriptions feature divinity and authority of the kings who ordered their construction.
  • Its spectacular waterfall, flowing from Mount Alvand, creates a picturesque scenery.
  • The entertainment complex, the cable car, as well as other facilities at the amusement park will considerably entertain you.

The Legend of the Name Ganjnameh

Definitely, the bewitching legend behind the name of Ganjnameh would astonish you. Ganjnameh, literally meaning the Treasure Map, was among the names that locals assigned to the inscriptions. Yet another name they gave to this scenic site was Jangnameh. Jangnameh, on the other hand, literally means the Book of War. Actually, the alternative titles that locals assigned to the site had their roots in their imagination. As people watched the Ganjnameh inscriptions, they wondered about mysteries encrypted in the inscriptions.

Persian language and handwriting has come a long way since Achaemenid era. Hence, the cuneiform handwriting carved on the inscriptions looked like an unknown code to them. Thus, they came up with some amusing solutions. Some argued that, due to the fact that these inscriptions belong to the kings, they must be narrating the braveries and battles of the kings. Therefore, they called the inscriptions the Book of War. Yet others made up the story of the Treasury Map and decided that this cipher is a map to a hidden treasury. Plenty of amusing stories! Right?

What to Expect In Ganjnameh?

Ganjnameh, lying in Abbasabad Valley, is located 8 km from Hamadan’s center. This scenic area is a gateway to Mount Alvand trekking routes and home to fascinating Ganjnameh historical and natural attractions. As you enter the Ganjnameh complex, make sure to visit the Ganjnameh Inscriptions as well as the waterfall. Also, the gorgeous entertainment complex as well as the amusing facilities will largely entertain you.   

Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions

Ganjnameh Inscriptions are glamorous mementos of Achaemenid era carved on the face of Mount Alvand. The monarch Xerxes I and his father, Darius the Great aimed to show off their dignity and divine power granted to them by the great God. So, they ordered the inscriptions.

ganjnameh inscription - Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions | Hamedan, Iran

Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions

Features of Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions

The inscription carved on the left panel is ascribed to Darius the Great. However, the inscription engraved on the right panel represents the words of Xerxes. To emphasize their divinity and unrivaled power, both Achaemenid kings had their message translated to other languages. Consequently, Ganjnameh inscriptions became a set of cuneiform characters written in three languages: Old Persian, Elamite, and neo-Babylonian.

Translation of Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions

Monarchs all over the history had been determined to boast of their achievements and conquests and fulfill their ambitions. Likewise, Persian kings used the available opportunities to prove their authority. Thus, Ganjnameh inscriptions in Hamadan, located on the Silk Road, served to present this motif, as the translation suggests:

“The great God is Ahuramazda, who created this earth, who created heaven, who created mankind, who created happiness for mankind, who made Darius king. A king for many, a lord for all. I am Darius, the great king, king of kings, king of lands of different races, king in this great earth far and wide, the noble son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian.”

Ganjnameh – Waterfall

In the vicinity of the inscriptions, a stunning 9-m high waterfall cascades over the rocks. Accordingly, it creates an admirable image coupled with its calming sound. Moreover, the area is a popular ice climbing, rock climbing, and hiking spot for the visitors.

icy waterfall ganjnameh - Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions | Hamedan, Iran

Ganjnameh – Waterfalls in winter

Entertainment Complex

In addition to the natural and historical attractions, Ganjnameh embraces a delightful entertainment complex. If you wish to spare some time entertaining yourself, try the thrilling leisure facilities such as cable cars, bungee Jumping, cave aquarium, and an indoor park in Ganjnameh.

ganjnameh entertainment complex - Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions | Hamedan, Iran

Entertainment Complex of Ganjnameh

More about Ganjnameh

Best Time to visit

Depending on your taste, you might choose to visit Ganjnameh in spring or winter. If you prefer a green image of the area, then, definitely spring should be your choice. Or else, you can enjoy an icy waterfall in cold winters.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors can improve their satisfaction from their journey to Ganjnameh by visiting other tourist attractions in Hamadan. Take a ride deep into the heart of Ali Sadr Cave and visit Avicenna Mausoleum, in addition to BabaTaher Mausoleum. Also, explore the amazing nature in Dashte Mishan or climb up the Mount Alvand.

Restaurants Near Ganjnameh

Kolbe Sangi Restaurant

Shaniz Restaurant

Mitra Restaurant

Kolbeh Restaurant

Like to visit Ganjnameh?

Then don’t hesitate to join our 16-day Deep into the Heart of Persia tour.

Ganjnameh Ancient Inscriptions on Map

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