Shafei Mosque (Kermanshah, Iran)

The Beauties of a Turkish Mosque in Western Iran
Shafei mosque Kermanshah p - Shafei Mosque (Kermanshah, Iran)
24 May

Shafei Mosque (Kermanshah, Iran)

Non-Christians spend hours admiring the beauties of a church and non-Muslims enjoy drowning in the spiritual ambiance of a mosque. For each of us, it is something special that puts them on our bucket list: the graceful architecture, the attractive decorations, the peaceful ambiance, or a mixture of all. If you’ve been to Turkey before, you must have seen many mosques with a dazzling architecture. In western Iran, Kermanshah city, you can find a lovely mosque that reminds you of these Turkish mosques: Shafei Mosque (also known as Jameh Mosque of Shafi’i or Shafei Jameh Mosque). As one of Iran’s most elegant mosques, this Sunni mosque charms you with its uplifting architecture and rare plasterwork. Follow me on this blog to find out more…

Shafei Mosque 1 - Shafei Mosque (Kermanshah, Iran)
Jameh Mosque of Shafei Photos – Shafei Mosque interior photo

Why Visit Shafei Mosque?

  • Shafei Mosque is on of Iran’s most impressive mosques and a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.
  • The interior decorations and the elaborate plasterwork of the mosque have a unique beauty.
  • The architecture of the mosque was inspired from classic Ottoman mosques.
Shafei Mosque 4 - Shafei Mosque (Kermanshah, Iran)
The ceiling of Shafei Mosque – Jameh Mosque of Shafei Photos

The Story of Shafei Mosque

Shafei Mosque is an old piece of architecture in western Iran. Built in 1945, this mosque now shines like a jewel in the heart of Kermanshah’s Tarikeh Bazaar.  Originally, the place was an accommodation for pilgrims. But later, the grand leader of Shafei branch of Sunni Islam and a few Sunni benefactors bought the place and set up the foundations of a grand mosque. After its construction, the mosque went under renovations and expansions until it found its new form. In one of these expansions, they added a new section that features elements of Turkish mosques.

Today, the Sunni of Kermanshah hold most of their religious ceremonies, like the celebration of prophet Muhammad’s birthday or Qadr Night (the night when Quran was sent from heaven), in this mosque. Also, the Shafei Muslims who are one of the main branches of Sunni Islam, gather together in the Turkish-looking section of the Mosque for holding their Friday prayer.

Shafei Mosque 5 - Shafei Mosque (Kermanshah, Iran)
The exterior of Shafei Mosque – Jameh Mosque of Shafei Photos

How the Mosque Looks

The beauties of classic Islamic architecture show themselves off in this special mosque. The three domes and the two golden minarets (special towers in mosques) are only introductions to the beauties inside the mosque. First, the large rectangular courtyard that makes it a typical example of Iranian mosques will charm you with its collection of colored tilework. After walking up a few steps, you’ll witness what makes Shafei Mosque different from other Iranian mosques: its prayer hall. This mosque has a main prayer hall that includes a half floor with 5 beautiful pillars.

Special attention to detail is a distinctive feature of this mosque. All around the prayer hall, you can see windows that light the hall with sunshine. In the south of the prayer hall, the Mihrab (prayer niche) of the mosque catches your eyes with its special decoration: white marbles surrounded with black marbles. The roof is arch-shaped and white travertine covers the exterior.

Shafei Mosque 2 - Shafei Mosque (Kermanshah, Iran)
The ceiling decorations photo of Shafei Mosque – a Sunni Mosque in Iran

A Persian Mosque with an Ottoman Architecture

The most prominent feature of Jameh Mosque of Shafi’i is undoubtedly its Ottoman elements. From its grand dome and semi-dome, to its sharp minarets, special decorations and the details of its interior paintings, everything is evidently inspired from Ottoman architecture. Also, the Tughra (a kind of calligraphy used in the signature of Ottoman kings) calligraphic inscriptions, the thick columns, and the high central hall under the Islamic dome further contribute to creating an image of a mosque in Turkey.

Shafei Mosque 3 - Shafei Mosque (Kermanshah, Iran)
Ceiling decorations photo of Shafei Jameh Mosque – Sunni Mosques in Iran

More about Shafei Mosque of Iran

Visit Hours

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Visit Days

Every day except public holidays

Photography Rules

Photography is prohibited in Jameh Mosque of Shafei. If you’d like to take photos, you need to ask for the permission of the custodians.

The Nearby Attractions

Adorable and diverse attractions of Kermanshah are too many to count. If you are into history, the elegant rock reliefs of Taq-e Bostan and the ancient inscriptions of Behistun Historical Site (UNESCO) should be on your list. Plus, you can pay a visit to Zagros Paleolithic Museum, the first Paleolithic museum in the Middle East, to satisfy your curiosities about pre-history. But if you like to check out the impressive architecture of one of Iran’s most elegant religious centers, I recommend a visit to Tekyeh Moaven al-Molk.

Where to Eat Nearby

Shandiz Sarsabz Restaurant

Padena Italian Restaurant

Café Karin

Serveh Café

Like to Visit Shafei Mosque?

Then join our City Tour of Kermanshah.

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Jameh Mosque of Shafei on Map

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