Shahar Yeri Temple (Shahr-e Yeri) – Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil, Iran

Unspoken Secret of the Statues
Shahr e Yeri p2 - Shahar Yeri Temple (Shahr-e Yeri) - Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil, Iran
2 Apr

Shahar Yeri Temple (Shahr-e Yeri) – Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil, Iran

The joy of solving puzzles and discovering secrets is a good motive for traveling. Do you agree? So, let’s set off for a wonderful visit to the mysterious Shahr-e Yeri in Meshgin Shahr (almost 98 km to Ardabil). Shahr-e Yeri or Shahar Yeri has an area of four hundred thousand hectares. What makes this site particularly special is its statues, which possess no mouths. Strange! It must be very exciting to decode mystifying secrets. According to archeologists, this mysterious site dates from 6000 years ago. For a mysterious delight, listen to the story of Shahr-e Yeri.

Amir ghaderi standing stones in the site - Shahar Yeri Temple (Shahr-e Yeri) - Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil, Iran
Shahar Yeri – Shahr-e Yari Stone Monuments Photo

Why Visit Shahr-e Yeri (Shahar Yeri)

  • Shahr-e Yeri features mysterious standing stone monuments with human motifs, who have no mouths.
  • According to the archeologists, the mysterious Shahr-e Yeri dates back 6000 years.
  • The motifs of men and women as well as some goods carved into the standing stones give us a glimpse of the social status of the people, in particular women, in the society of that time.

Shahar Yeri – City of Mouthless People: The Said and the Unsaid

The peculiar city of Shahr-e Yeri has kept unspoken mysteries in its heart. Above all, it showcases a multitude of standing stones with human patterns. Explore the stone monuments! The stone men and women have been standing in the region for about 6000 years. In particular, some of them are wearing a belt and carrying a sword. You see them watching you with their big round eyes and nose. Though, you will immediately notice something is wrong! Where is their mouth? Welcome to the land of mysteries! You came across the first unspoken secret. Did I catch your attention? So, let’s move forward and observe more in this mysterious land. Diverse artifacts such as pottery, metal, decorative stone and glass paste products are awaiting you.

Possibly, you would like to reinvestigate the long standing men and women, who have resisted and survived several natural hazards. But there are other aspects to them: military and social. Indeed, these long standing men and women explain to you their social statuses as well as women’s social roles silently. Furthermore, they introduce to you their defense equipment and their civilization.

Imanali Imani a large standing stone 1 - Shahar Yeri Temple (Shahr-e Yeri) - Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil, Iran
A standing Stone Photo in Shahar Yeri

Shahar Yeri – How Shahr-e Yeri Looks

This historical site chiefly comprises three major areas: a castle, a hill and a temple. The castle particularly exhibits a defensive wall surrounding the residential area. In particular, you will behold architectural structures with stones and no mortar in the castle. Like other ancient civilizations, Shahr-e Yeri features a temple, where people could carry on religious rituals. The area displays 250 standing stones, which are 70 to 360 meters high. Specifically, diverse human motifs are carved into these stone monuments. For instance, some of standing stone monuments depict an arrested person who is carrying a dagger or a sword. Most citizens of this stone city are mouthless. Just a woman is an exception!

In addition to the above areas, you can also behold an old graveyard. Interestingly, some equipment and traces of food existed in the graves, thus suggesting that these ancient people believed in after-death life. Yet, another attraction of the region is Qarakuhil cave. You can behold some traces of ash and smoke in this cave and on some of the standing stones. As you enter the cave, you will behold sections that used to serve as kitchens and baths. Such structures are suggestive of a well-developed civilization.

Amir ghaderi standing stones - Shahar Yeri Temple (Shahr-e Yeri) - Meshgin Shahr, Ardabil, Iran
Human Motif of Standing Stones Photo – Shahar Yeri

More about Shahar Yeri – Shahr-e Yeri

When to Visit Shahr-e Yeri

The best time to visit this ancient city of the mouthless people is spring and summer, as the weather is pleasant then.

Nearby Attractions

One popular tourist attraction in Meshgin Shahr is the Old Castle, a historical site dating back to the Sassanid era (3rd to 7th centuries). Long for some adventure in the nature? I highly recommend you to walk across the exciting Meshgin Shahr Suspension Bridge. Meanwhile, enjoy the picturesque forest beneath, particularly, through the exciting glass portion of the bridge. Another attraction is Sheikh Heydar Mausoleum, situated in awonderful garden, which dates from the 13th century. Moreover, you can visit Qahqahe Castle, dating back to the Safavid period (1501 – 1722 AD), a place for keeping political prisoners of Safavid Empire.

Restaurants Near Shar-e Yeri

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Tohidi Café and Dining Hall

Nader Kebab

Khan Restaurant

Shahar Yeri (Shahr-e Yeri) on Map

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